The ‘Why, What and How’ of a copy writing service

‘I can write, right? So why should I use a professional writing service?’

This is a question I’m frequently asked. Yes, it’s true. Everyone can write; it’s one of the first things we learn at school. However, although a good salesman can pitch a message verbally, it’s another skill to write it convincingly.

First impressions do count and an introductory letter, media release, website, social media update, brochure or blog is that ‘first impression’. Bad spelling and poor use of grammar will give the wrong impression and make you appear sloppy. You wouldn’t meet a potential client or attend a business meeting for the first time wearing track suit pants and trainers, so why let your business or organisation down with bad copy?

If you’re sloppy with presenting yourself, it could suggest you’re sloppy with your standards, and potential clients or customers won’t take you seriously.

Your website design may be brilliant and the graphics astounding, but if the copy doesn’t make sense, it’s meaningless. Similarly, although your brochure has amazing photographs and is printed on fancy glossy paper, if the words aren’t right, your product won’t sell.

I see lots of copy online which has so obviously incorporated key words for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it actually sounds silly. There is an art to creating copy which works, be it for presenting a company or organisation to the world, informing the media of achievements or products, or simply blogging for SEO purposes.

So that’s the ‘why’, here’s the ‘what and how’.

What can a copy writer do for me?

Using a writing specialist can save you time and energy, allowing you to focus on running your business. For instance, everyone has to submit a tax return at the end of the financial year. I could the spend time doing it myself, but I pay an accountant to do the job for me. This also saves me a lot of stress as I know the job will be done properly.

Good copy doesn’t just inform people about what you do; it sells you, your products or your services. It can also:

  • Help you reach a new audience
  • Help with customer retention
  • Help raise your profile
  • Help with internet searches

How will a copywriter do it?

A good copywriter will ask you lots of questions to ensure they’re going to write the copy you want. These include:

  • What audience are you targeting?
  • Do you want your communications to have a business, friendly or casual tone?
  • What message do you want to get across?
  • What do you want your communications to do – increase sales and/or Internet searches, or simply give information?
  • Which medium is it for – online or print?

I always believe in giving a little bit extra, so here’s the ‘which’ thrown in for good measure.

Which copy writer or writing service to use?

Choosing a copy writer who writes readable, interesting and relevant copy can be tricky. There are a lot of writing services out there all claiming to do the same thing, and they have massively varying costs. Many communication or advertising agencies frequently offer copy writing services, and there are an increasing amount of online agencies offering services from overseas copy writers. However, the most expensive service may not necessarily be the best, and when thinking about the much talked cheaper option of outsourcing overseas, remember the old adage, ‘pay peanuts and you get monkeys’.

As with any service provider you’re about to do business with, do your homework:

  • What experience is behind the service provider?
  • Has it got a proven track record?
  • Are there readily available testimonials from happy customers?
  • Has it got samples readily available so you can see the standard of its work?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Can it meet deadlines and work within your time frame?

So why chose me to write your copy? In addition to all of the above, I have great listening skills, and take the time to fully understand you and your business. I also bring new ideas to the table and work with you until you’re happy with the end product.

The ‘Why, What and How’ of a copy writing service
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