Newspapers not only hold our attention for longer, but they have quite a few other uses too.

Despite digital news being easier to access and far more current, the humble newspaper is still on top when it comes to holding our attention according to recent reports in The Australian and The Times. I’m relieved as this means the newspaper may continue for a bit longer.

old schoolI love reading a newspaper. Call me old fashioned, but as I spend all day staring at a screen, even reading the odd article on  a digital newspaper, I personally love getting away from it in my down time. Buying a newspaper has become a bit of a morning ritual for me. Being a home worker, I enjoy a morning walk to the newsagents to buy my several printed sheets and often exchange current affair views with the owner. Later in the day, I’ll leave my work desk to lounge on the sofa with cup of tea to read them. If I’ve got time, I’ll do the crossword and the sudoku and if I don’t finish them, I’ll leave this page hanging around for a couple of days, in the hope of there being a ‘light bulb’ moment and ‘2 Down’ will finally come to me without the need of a thesaurus.

As well as stimulating the little grey cells, there are a few other benefits of having the odd newspaper kicking about the house. Where would we be without a stack of newspapers when it comes to drying wet shoes, soaking up liquids from carpets, keeping the kids amused by making papier mâché objects (sorry, ignore that one, the kids are too busy playing on their DSs or iPads), and lining cat’s litter trays and bird cages? I’ve been more than thankful for the pile of newspapers ready for recycling when I’m packing china, need to clean a window, or want to cover the floor when doing a bit of DIY.

A newspaper’s insulation properties are also great – can you wrap your tub of ice-cream in a tablet when you’ve forgotten a cool box? I’m sure a few tramps will feel decidedly chilly under a blanket of tablets. Furthermore, if everything goes digital, what will James Bond or Private Investigators discretely hide behind when staking out street corners? Villains will also have to diversify and find an alternative in which to surreptitiously hand their accomplice a fire arm.

I could go on and wax lyrical about a used newspaper’s ability to help with lighting wood burners and stuffing scarecrows, however instead, I will leave advocates of e-news over newspapers with a couple of challenges:

1. Swat a fly without damaging the window or your tablet.

2. Use a tablet to successfully steady a wobbly table.

I do enjoy the odd digital newspaper, but please, don’t keep telling me digital is best – why would I give up all the free extras which come with a newspaper?

Newspapers not only hold our attention for longer, but they have quite a few other uses too.
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