Well, it’s all a matter of perspective

Being a bit of a James Bond fan, I recently went to see the latest addition to the Bond film collection. I’m no film critic and I have long been a fan of this secret agent, so in a nutshell, I thought Spectre was great. I found it especially pertinent to our times; impending mergers being used as an excuse […]

Some points to ponder if you’re thinking of outsourcing your copywriting overseas

I recently received an email from a local networking group inviting me to meet some guests from the Philippines to see how I can expand my business by using offshore workers. As it’s just me in my business, the event probably wouldn’t have been be relevant, however this statement in the email somewhat riled me: ‘You have […]

How to write a media release

Sending out a media release can result in great free exposure for your organisation/event/company if it is deemed newsworthy enough to be included in editorial. However, journalists and editors are busy people (I know because I am one!) and receive hundreds of media releases, so getting your media release right is imperative. If the media […]

The ‘Why, What and How’ of a copy writing service

‘I can write, right? So why should I use a professional writing service?’ This is a question I’m frequently asked. Yes, it’s true. Everyone can write; it’s one of the first things we learn at school. However, although a good salesman can pitch a message verbally, it’s another skill to write it convincingly. First impressions […]

Newspapers not only hold our attention for longer, but they have quite a few other uses too.

Despite digital news being easier to access and far more current, the humble newspaper is still on top when it comes to holding our attention according to recent reports in The Australian and The Times. I’m relieved as this means the newspaper may continue for a bit longer. I love reading a newspaper. Call me […]

Don’t underestimate cursive writing

Some educators seem to think longhand should be phased out as technological advancements mean we’ll all be using keyboards – imagine a world without cursive writing. We won’t be wondering whose phone number is written on the back of the person’s hand. No more ‘masterplans’ scribbled on the back of cigarette packets; the fridge will […]

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