About me

Known as Wadders, (from the surname, Waddington-Feather) Annie or Anna, I’ve had a rather varied career before moving into the field of writing and communications.

Numerous family camping trips throughout Europe during my childhood gave me a serious taste for overseas travel. After getting my degree in biological sciences and managing a busy Shrewsbury wine bar, I spent several years travelling the world, first as a backpacker and later as a tour leader for Explore Worldwide, a leading adventure travel company.

I have had many memorable experiences, notably in the Middle East, Africa, Central America and Eastern Europe. These include trekking with camels in northern Kenya, riding donkeys in the Valley of the Kings, trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge in south-west China, belly-dancing in Turkey and sampling ‘Bull’s Blood” wine in Hungary.

The backpack was finally hung up, and after gaining experience as a reporter on two local Shropshire newspapers, I worked in Explore’s marketing department and then for a leading communications agency based in Teddington, London. I later moved back to Shropshire and enjoyed freelancing for a wide range of clients dotted all over the country.

After 10 years of living in Adelaide, South Australia, I have recently returned to Shropshire.

My interests are as varied my experiences. I’m a Second Dan in Ki Aikido, enjoy horse riding, play the cello, am a bit of an ancient history nerd, and have been known to still do a bit of belly-dancing on the odd occasion.


  • BSc 2ii Biological Sciences
  • Post Graduate Pre-entry course in Newspaper Journalism